Amazon Approval Required Feature Added to the Wholesale Grading Tool

We have added an extra field to the Wholesale Grading, Approval Required. Amazon sells every product that you can think of, but that doesn’t mean you should sell just any product on Amazon. The e-commerce giant actively tries to protect its consumers from fraudulent or harmful products. In order to achieve its goals, Amazon requires approval before you can start selling it on its platform.

This feature helps you to identify the products which require Amazon approval before you can sell them on Amazon and start making a profit from them. When you Add or Upload the list of products from the supplier and insert it into the system, there are 3 statuses of the Approval Required field that says it all.

1) If the Status is Yes, that means the product requires approval to sell on Amazon. When clicked on Yes, it takes you to the seller central account for the integrated store and follow the below steps:

->Go to Seller Central, click on the inventory link and choose ‘Add a Product’.
->Conduct a search for the item you want to sell.
->Once you get the search results, click on ‘Listing limitations apply’ on the chosen item.
->Click on ‘Request Approval’ to begin the Amazon selling application approval process.

If you want to check the status of an application, simply go back to ‘Add a Product’ and click on ‘Selling application status’ which you’ll find on the top of the page.

2) If the Status is No, that means the product does not require any approval to sell on Amazon.

3) If the Status is No Store Integrated, that means the store is not integrated. You can integrate the store from AMZ Manager. Once the store is integrated, it will display whether the product requires approval or not.

We have added the Approval Required export field so you can export it to Excel or CSV. Also, we have added the Advanced Filter for Approval Required to easily filter which products require approval and which don’t. (Pre-requisite: Store should be integrated to make the advanced filter active for the field)

Not Familiar with Our ZonGrading Tool?

Our Zon grading tool allows you to upload a list of product options from your suppliers and access important product sales data swiftly. You can view the current selling price and see the monthly units sold for any product, based on previous sales history. By efficiently grading the products, wholesalers can identify the best items for resale, set appropriate pricing, and make informed decisions about their inventory. Ultimately, the Wholesale Grading Tool contributes to smoother supply chain management, increased customer satisfaction, and improved overall efficiency in the wholesale distribution process.

You can walk through in more detail about this tool here:

Live now on Zonbase ZonGrading Tool. Go, check this out.

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