Identification of Hazmat and Meltable Products Made Easy!

Great news! We have introduced a new feature that simplifies the identification of Hazmat and meltable products.

But before that let’s first find out what actually Hazmat and Meltable Products are:

-> Hazmat Products: Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) products refer to substances or materials that pose a potential risk to human health, safety, or the environment if mishandled or released in an uncontrolled manner. These products encompass a wide range of chemicals, gases, liquids, and solids, including industrial chemicals, toxic materials, flammable substances, and radioactive elements. Due to their inherent dangers, HAZMAT products require special handling, storage, and transportation procedures to minimize the risk of accidents and protect the public and the environment. Proper labeling, containment, and trained personnel are crucial to ensure the safe management of HAZMAT products and prevent potential disasters.

-> Meltable Products: Meltable products are items that can change from a solid to a liquid state when exposed to elevated temperatures. These products are designed to be easily melted for various purposes, such as manufacturing, crafting, or cooking. Common examples of meltable products include wax for candles, chocolate for desserts, and certain types of plastics used in molding processes. The ability to transform from a solid to a liquid state and back again makes meltable products versatile and convenient to work with. However, users must exercise caution during the melting process to prevent burns and ensure proper handling to avoid spills and potential hazards.

If the Product is classified as Hazmat or Meltable or Both then they can be identified by their distinct symbols displayed in the Products details section. We have incorporated an Advanced Filter into our tool selection process, enabling effortless filtering of Hazardous and Meltable products.

We have recently implemented this feature across multiple tools, including ZonResearch, Chrome Extension, Hot Products, Sales Estimator, Keywords, Reverse ASIN, ZonTracker, Zon Grading, and Listify.

How to use the tools:

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