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With the holiday season just around the corner, Amazon is once again making preparations to manage the influx of orders and ensure a seamless shopping experience for its customers. Part of this preparation includes the return of Amazon’s Peak Season Fulfillment Service Fee, which is set to kick in on October 15th, 2023. The peak season Fulfillment by Amazon fees — active from October 15, 2023, to January 14, 2024. This seasonal fee is similar to those charged by other major carriers, and covers increased fulfillment and transportation operating costs during the busy holiday shopping season.

The fee can range from 20 cents to $2.50 more per unit than the non-peak charge, depending on the size of the item. They are calculated and charged when shipments leave company fulfillment centers. 

We’ve added the Peak Period option to our Profitability Calculator, available in the Chrome Extension and other relevant Zonbase Tools. This enhancement simplifies the process of identifying products eligible for the peak season, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Understanding the Peak Season Fulfillment Service Fee

Amazon’s Peak Season Fulfillment Service Fee is a temporary fee that is implemented during the peak holiday shopping period. It is designed to account for the increased operational costs associated with handling and delivering orders during the high-demand holiday season.

Fulfillment by Amazon fees jump during peak season
ProductSize tierNon-peak period fulfillment feePeak period fulfillment fee
Mobile device caseSmall standard-size$3.22$3.42
T-shirtLarge standard-size$4.84$5.14
Baby cotSmall oversize$12.67$13.67
MonitorLarge oversize$89.98$92.48

Why Is It Important?

  1. Maintaining Efficiency: Amazon’s vast logistics network is put to the test during the holiday season. The Peak Season Fulfillment Service Fee helps Amazon allocate additional resources to handle the increased demand, ensuring that orders are fulfilled and delivered on time.
  2. Customer Experience: A critical aspect of Amazon’s business model is delivering exceptional customer service. During the holiday season, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is crucial. The fee contributes to Amazon’s ability to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers.
  3. Seller Support: Sellers who rely on Amazon’s fulfillment services benefit from the fee by having their products stored, picked, packed, and shipped more efficiently. This can be especially valuable during the holiday rush.

What Sellers Should Know

  1. Plan and Budget: Sellers should take the Peak Season Fulfillment Service Fee into account when planning their holiday season budgets. Understanding the fee structure can help avoid unexpected costs.
  2. Efficient Inventory Management: Keeping a close eye on inventory levels and avoiding overstocking or understocking can help sellers optimize their fulfillment costs.
  3. Prepare for High Demand: As the holiday season approaches, it’s advisable for sellers to prepare for increased order volumes. This may include promoting popular products, offering attractive deals, and optimizing product listings.


The return of Amazon’s Peak Season Fulfillment Service Fee on October 15th signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season. While this fee may represent an additional cost for sellers, it is a crucial investment in maintaining Amazon’s high standards of customer service and operational efficiency during the peak season. Sellers should prepare accordingly and work in harmony with Amazon’s fulfillment network to provide customers with a delightful shopping experience. As consumers gear up for their holiday shopping, Amazon’s commitment to smooth, efficient fulfillment remains unwavering.

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