Zonbase Introduces New Tool “Seller Map”

Zonbase’s “Seller Map” is like a world map that shows where sellers are and how much they’re selling. It’s a cool tool for businesses to see where they are doing well.

Main Ideas

  1. Map with Numbers: Instead of just showing places, this map has numbers. The higher the number, the more sales or sellers in that place.
  2. Easy to Use: This map looks easy to explore. You can probably click, zoom, or move around to see different parts of the world.
  3. Geographical location of seller and its revenue : you can see geographical location of any seller and its total sales revenue.

You can access it from sidebar menu inside reseller tool or with URL https://www.zonbase.com/seller-map

What’s Cool About It

  1. Make Better Choices: By looking at the map, businesses can see where they should sell more or where there are too many sellers.
  2. See Everything Quickly: For example, there are lots of sellers in the USA and Vietnam. This tells businesses these are important places.

Things to Think About

  1. Is the Data Right?: It’s important that the numbers on the map are correct.
  2. Keeping Info Safe: With maps like these, it’s good to make sure that the data is kept private and safe.

In Short

The “Seller Map” from Zonbase is a simple way to see where sellers are and how much they’re selling. It’s especially useful for figuring out the best places to focus on, like the USA and Vietnam.

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