Revolutionize Your Amazon Business with “Zon-Scanner App”

Are you an Amazon seller constantly on the hunt for profitable products? Are you tired of spending hours scanning product after product, only to come up empty-handed? Introducing the Zon-Scanner App – a revolutionary tool that enables you to swiftly and confidently verify the profitability of your chosen products. Our app takes the guesswork out of retail arbitrage by scanning Amazon’s vast product database to identify profitable products in seconds.

Simply scan the barcode of any item in a retail store, and our app will instantly compare prices on Amazon, including FBA fees and shipping costs, to give you an accurate estimate of your potential profit margin. With our app, you can quickly and easily find products that are selling for significantly more on Amazon than in the store.

Unearth Profitable Product Opportunities With a Single Click

Gone are the days of speculating about a product’s profitability. With the Zon-Scanner, vital sales data such as Best Seller Rank (BSR), estimated monthly sales, projected monthly revenue, product ratings, and the number of reviews are now at your fingertips. All you need to do is scan the product barcode, and let the app swiftly provide you with the sales information you need to assess your product’s profit potential.

Get Precise Seller Fee Estimates

The Zon-Scanner App does more than just provide essential product and sales data. It gives you a precise estimate of all the seller fees you’ll likely face, including Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) fees, referral fees, and storage fees. It also calculates your potential net profit per unit sale.

Kick-Start Your Amazon Business on a Budget

With the comprehensive product information and accurate seller fee estimates provided by the Zon-Scanner, you can confidently launch your Amazon retail arbitrage business. You’ll have everything you need to ensure you’re starting your venture on the right footing.

How Zon-Scanner Helps Determine Your Product’s Profit Potential in Minutes

Profit in the Amazon marketplace is significantly tied to the products you select. Consequently, confirming your product’s profit potential before sourcing is critical. That’s precisely where the Zon-Scanner tool comes to the fore.

Profit potential isn’t a game of chance or trial and error. Instead, it’s a calculation that factors in business costs, including product cost and seller fees — FBA or seller fulfillment fee, referral fee, and storage fee. All these fees can be accurately estimated with the product’s size as a key factor.

The Zon-Scanner tool enables you to scan product barcodes and instantly access key product and sales information for any potential product. It then showcases the product’s size and calculates an estimate for your seller fees, depending on your chosen fulfillment channel (FBA or FBM).

Relying on the sales data and seller fee estimate generated by the Zon-Scanner, the app predicts your net profit margin. This feature makes it much easier for you to determine product prices and ensure profitability on Amazon. With the Zon-Scanner App, your Amazon business could flourish like never before.

Our app also includes a product tracker that allows you to keep track of your inventory, sales, and profits. You can set alerts to notify you when a product’s price or sales rank changes, so you never miss an opportunity to make a profit.

It’s easy to use, fast, and accurate, and it’s the only app you need to succeed in retail arbitrage. Download it now and start sourcing profitable products today!

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